I am happy to recommend Gary to international students

As an international student, to complete a PhD thesis with nearly 80000 words is huge work. In particular, eliminating non-native and unclear expressions. Gary's proofreading dispelled my misgivings. Following his advice and guidance, my thesis can now accurately describe my research content. I am happy to recommend Gary to international students who have similar experiences to me, because of his friendly manner and specialized work. (yudepassport@msn.com)

  • Gu Grey

Gary did a great job proofreading my dissertation.

"Gary did a great job proofreading my dissertation. I was struggling to find a proofreader to proofread my dissertation but luckily I came across Gary after doing more research online. Although there were only two weeks left until the due date, Gary was very willing to proofread my work and got back to me on time after proofreading each of my dissertation chapters. He also did some light editing on my work which I also appreciated. He was easy to get in contact with, responded promptly and did a great job proofreading my work. I would definitely recommend Gary to other students wanting to get their work proofread."

  • Pasepa Katia

... professionalism, quality and speed of service...

I'd like to say thank you for your work.
I'm sure you can understand that finalising my thesis has been a tumultuous time, and your feedback and corrections have been an invaluable service.
Your professionalism, quality and speed of service have all been commendable.

  • Helene Bovine (helene.boivin@free.fr)

a proofreader with a critical eye and good proofreading skills...

I came across Gary’s website while looking for a proofreader for my thesis chapters. I was particularly attracted by his emphasis on quality at a reasonable price, so I contacted him. To my surprise, he replied to my email promptly. He checked through my chapters, and spotted the tiny grammar mistakes that I made. As a result, I am quite happy with his suggestions. If you are looking for a proofreader with a critical eye and good proofreading skills, who charges an affordable price and has a quick turnaround time, feel free to contact Gary.

Wee Chun   (August 2015) University Of Otago, Dunedin

  • Wee Chun
  • New Zealand

I used Grammarly, and also my supervisors gave feedback on my writing, but still, there were so many repetitive mistakes

Hi Gary

 I would like to thank you again for your wonderful support in proofreading my Master's thesis. I did the writing workshops that are offered by the University and, of course, I used Grammarly, and also my supervisors gave feedback on my writing, but still, there were so many repetitive mistakes remaining. Thank you so much for identifying them and helping me recognise and learn where I still get it wrong. 

And also, thank you for taking the time to help me with this so fast and fitting my time schedule. It felt good to submit my thesis to such a high professional standard. 

 My supervisors told me that my thesis was very good and that I am generating new knowledge. This means that we will be publishing one or even several papers in peer-reviewed journals after the thesis was graded later. This is very exciting for me. 

 I hope you might be available to help me with the proofreading of the article(s) later this year as well? That would be fantastic.

 Of course, I recommend your services to my colleagues too.

 Again, thank you! And thank you for always being so reliable, prompt, and willing to help even when there was little time and a pressing deadline. 

 Warmest regards

Christine Becker

  • ces.becker@gmail.com

Gary helped me in polishing my thesis

I am pursuing a Master of Architecture (Professional) degree at the Unitec Institute of Technology. When I prepared my research document, I sought assistance from Gary Ferguson to proofread my thesis. As an international student from China, English is my second language, and I was worried about whether the readers could understand my ideas. Gary helped me in polishing my thesis. I feel more confident with my thesis because of his service. He corrected my grammar and spelling mistakes. Gary rephrased my weird sentences without altering their meanings. My thesis became fluent after his proofreading. Also, Gary responded very promptly. This is very helpful for me to manage my thesis submission on time. I highly appreciate him, and I sincerely recommend his proofreading service.

Kind regards,

Yinsu Li

  • yinsuli0905@gmail.com

Your contribution was significant,

Hi Gary,

 My deepest gratitude for the incredible job you've done proofreading my thesis. Your attention to detail for ensuring that every word is accurate and concise has been truly remarkable. I appreciate the time and effort you have put into proofreading every chapter, and the quality of your work has met my expectation. 

Your contribution was  significant, and I am truly grateful.

 All the best. 



  • novynra.mokobombang@aut.ac.nz 15/5/2023

Thank you for all your help

Hi Gary,


I have made the final payment for Chapters 7 & 8.  Thank you for all your help in improving the flow of my thesis, you have been extremely easy to deal with and I really appreciate how quickly you returned my chapters.  It has made the final few weeks before submission a little less stressful.  j.south@auckland.ac.nz



  • Jay South
  • Auckland

His succinct proofreading retains my original meanings in the essays, and also makes my meanings more understandable

"I was impressed by Gary’s high quality of proofreading and excellent service in my university study. After a few years, I contacted Gary again for proofreading my essays when I continued my study. Gary always provides feedback promptly and does his best to fit my schedule. Gary’s proofreading enhances the quality of my essays. His succinct proofreading retains my original meanings in the essays, and also makes my meanings more understandable. Moreover, I learned a lot of grammar and spelling skills from Gary’s proofreading. Gary’s service enhances my confidence in my study, and I will continue to use his service for my future study. Thank you."

  • Katty Lin
  • Auckland

High-quality and professional proof-reading services completed in a timely manner

I am pleased to write this testimonial on behalf of Gary Ferguson in order to express my gratitude for the high-quality proof-reading services he provided me with.

I had the chance to work with Gary while I was finalising my doctoral thesis in Engineering as a PhD student at the University of Auckland.

Due to the time constraints I needed a professional who was able to do the proof-reading job in an efficient way and on time. Fortunately, I found Gary who did a great job by proof-reading parts of my PhD thesis literally in a couple of days.

It is worth mentioning that during our collaboration, the communication between us went smoothly and Gary was very responsive all the time. Gary completed the requested proof-reading services professionally and within the requested time frames.

I really appreciate Gary’s professionalism and competent advice. Undoubtedly, I would use Gary’s proof-reading services in future.

I wish Gary good luck and a lot of success at any perspective.

Stavri Dimitrov  (stavri_dimitrov@hotmail.com)

  • Stavri Dimitrov
  • Auckland

'We employed Gary Ferguson to proofread/edit some substantial technical manuals'

This is to confirm that over the past month we have employed Gary Ferguson to carry out proofreading and copy editing for us to ensure the accuracy of some substantial technical manuals we have been producing for training purposes.

The 25-30 page manuals are to be produced in full colour for use by our franchisees throughout New Zealand and Australia, so accuracy was of high importance.

Although the brief originally covered proofreading and copy editing of text, illustrations and tables, the job turned out to be more one of substantive editing as Gary was required to also suggest substantial alterations to text.

We were impressed with Gary’s accuracy and attention to detail. The skills and knowledge he acquired during study for his Diploma in Proofreading and Copy Editing were put to extensive use.

We intend to use Gary’s services with confidence for further work in the near future.

will definitely recommend him to my peers

Hi, I'm writing this testimonial for Gary and his exceptional editing. I had approached Gary a couple weeks prior for my thesis required for Master of Architecture (Professional) needing to be handed in. Gary was a great help with the organization of getting my thesis handed to him on time for editing to make my hand in. When Gary had given me a date for getting my work back to me, he had given it back to me two days prior to what he had stated. As English is my second language, it was definitely not the easiest thesis to give editing suggestions too, but Gary had done an amazing job and I am very appreciative of his time and effort towards my thesis and will definitely recommend him to my peers. 

  • Vivek Garjanand vivekgajanand@gmail.com

Very thorough and helpful

Renée and I approached Gary to ask if he could proofread her master’s thesis including reference checking.  Gary provided us with a good quote and expected timeframe.  He remained in contact during the whole process and completed the proofreading well within the allotted timeframe.  We were very happy with his level of work as he was very thorough and helpful. 

We have since handed in her thesis and it received an A- grade!!

  • Max and Renee Sanson

worth the investment to polish my thesis to an even higher standard.

I had a large Masters thesis of over 50,000 words that I needed to be proof read within a certain amount of time. I found Gary very easy to connect and work with. Gary was responsive and completed the work on time and to a high standard. It was worth the investment to polish my thesis to an even higher standard.

  • Sarah Mccallum

Gary did a wonderful job with proofreading my PhD thesis

"I just wanted to say that Gary did a wonderful job with proofreading my PhD thesis. I was very concerned about getting my thesis proof read quickly and within my budget as I was paying the fee by myself. I then found Gary and decided to go for his services, which turned up into a good experience. Gary finished the job within the promised time, which was very important for the submission of my thesis on time. Thank you". 

  • Abid Shahzad

The work done by him on my thesis was remarkable and it improved my thesis in a significant amount."

" Gary is a professional proofreader and he is always available to help. Even at the last moment of your submission he is available to do proofreading. Excellent service offered by him. The work done by him on my thesis was remarkable and it improved my thesis in a significant amount."

  • Harshpreet Singh

[My facilitator was] impressed at the level of correctness regarding all my papers.

I have recently completed my Bachelor of Management degree.  Gary Ferguson proofread and polished up all my papers before I handed them in.

The feedback from my facilitator was excellent following my engagement with Gary.  They were impressed at the level of correctness regarding all my papers.

I found Gary very professional and prompt in his work to proofread all my documents.

Happy to be called for feedback if required.

  • Shaneel Prasad
  • General Manager – Operations, Engineering & Supply at Thermakraft Ltd, Auckland

Book acknowledgement

'My gratitude...to Gary Ferguson for proof-reading.'

  • Juliet Batten
  • Auckland ("Spirited Ageing", Ishtar Books, 2013)

Book acknowledgement

"Much of this manuscript was proof read and edited by an understanding Gary Ferguson (from) Auckland who rescued a desperate elderly....writer"

  • Hazel Menehira (hzlmango@bigpond.com)
  • Queensland ("Nothing as Posh as a Memoir",2013)

'Gary thoroughly checked (my thesis) for spelling, pronunciation and flow, without altering my voice'

Gary Ferguson proofread/edited my Masters of Creative Writing thesis which I acquired from the Auckland University of Technology in 2012. It was a sixty-thousand word document of a creative project which he thoroughly checked for spelling, pronunciation and flow, without altering my voice.

His approach was professional, methodical and punctual. Gary is exceptional in his usage of language. In addition, he is extremely organized, flexible and reliable. These qualities, undoubtedly, are results of his hard work and commitment.

Gary would be a tremendous asset for any publication company or writer looking for a proofreader/copy-editor and has my highest recommendation. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

  • Odoko Ojabo
  • AUT Masters student

I can safely and proudly recommend Gary to anybody seeking proof reading services

I came in contact with Gary during one of the most struggling and demanding phase of my life – completing my Master’s thesis at University of Otago. My visa and financial situation were precarious and were dependent on success of my thesis work. It was during this phase that my search for a professional proof-reading ended in Gary’s website. Without going into intricacies of his work style, I must say that I was impressed very early with his sense of ownership of my thesis work, when he pointed me out that one of web link mentioned as a reference in the footnote was not leading to the appropriate page. It was a remarkable demonstration of his attention to detail, which is paramount for any proof-reading work. From that moment itself I was well assured that my work was in safe hands. I could blindly rely on his work on my thesis chapters. The best I could relate Gary’s approach to his editing work, is like a “military general” – who would take ownership of the job on hand, plan meticulously, and then work with a break-neck speed, in a flawless manner, to finish the job, much before the set deadline. I can safely and proudly recommend Gary to anybody seeking proof reading services. One more thing about Gary’s approach towards his work, may be less important for many, is his Samaritan approach. He had the courage and faith to offer a struggling student an option of deferred payment plan.

I intend to use Gary’s services with full confidence for my PhD work in near future.i can safely and proudly

Sandeep Singh

Masters (thesis) student at University of Otago (based in Auckland). Ssing76@gmail.com

  • Sandeep Singh

'I intend to further utilize the services of Gary and suggest he is certainly worthy of your support.'

As an active member of the North Shore based International Writers Workshop I frequently participate in writing exercises following selected workshops.

My efforts have usually received favourable comments in regard to story line, plot, character build etc but not so good comments in regard to layout,. punctuation and some word selection.

Following on from a workshop I attended in September 2012 we were requested to submit a composition developing the structures taught at the workshop.

Before submitting my output I decided to firstly present it to Gary Ferguson for editing and proofing.

Gary carried out his work without in any major way changing my work and reported back with an easy to read and understand explanation of his suggested changes.

The critique that came back from the tutor said amongst other things:

  • Great layout and punctuation made it a pleasure to read
  • Great flow, great dialogue
  • Much achieved in such a short space (The story was limited to 1100 words)

There is no doubt that the suggestions and contributions Gary Ferguson made resulted in such favourable comments. I intend to further utilize the services of Gary and suggest he is certainly worthy of your support.

  • Neil Gunderson
  • Torbay Auckland (gundo@xtra.co.nz)

'Gary copy-edited my manuscript, which ran to over 86000 words.'

This reference confirms Gary copy-edited my manuscript, Best Served Cold, a novel that ran to over 86000 words. By the time I commissioned Gary to do this work I had worked with a manuscript assessor and the copy was relatively clean; notwithstanding this Gary was helpful in the following areas:

  • a wide range of punctuation issues including the sometimes vexed question of apostrophes for names of people which end with the letter 's',
  • providing guidance about convention on the use of numbers in text,
  • providing guidance on the use of dialogue that justified a break with consistency, based on the character's point of view.

Despite a substantial piece of work requiring review, Gary was able to assist me with prompt service for which I was very grateful.

  • Mark McGinn
  • Auckland (markamcginn@gmail.com)

'Gary identified difficult-to-pin-down grammatical errors'

Gary did a fine job of identifying the difficult-to-pin-down grammatical errors and smoothing out the sentences to make the manuscript a more 'correct' read.

  • John Harper
  • Auckland (john_melinda@xtra.co.nz)

'Gary did an extremely thorough and professional job...'

I contacted Gary following his ad in the New Zealand Society of Authors' newsletter about his proofreading and editing services. Gary freely proofread several chapters of a fantasy young adult novel that I am writing and was submitting for my second year portfolio at the Hagley Writers' Institute. Gary did an extremely thorough and professional job of this and was very helpful in completing it in a tight time frame. I was very grateful to him for this.

  • Tracy Chollet
  • Christchurch (tdchollet@xtra.co.nz)

'I could not afford accuracy to be sacrificed'

This is to confirm that I recently employed Gary Ferguson to carry out proofreading and copy editing on a proposal I was preparing.

The proposal was important as I was to use it to convince an international shopping centre chain to agree to partner with my company in a national rollout of my DVD rental kiosks in New Zealand.

The editing was done under considerable pressure as the final result was needed for an imminent meeting and, of course, I could not afford accuracy to be sacrificed.

The job was completed on time and to my requirements.  

I will be more than happy to use Gary’s editing services when next the need arises.

  • Matthew Butler
  • Managing Director at Flixbox (Pacman Kiosks Ltd), Auckland